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Mobile robotics – an increasingly popular buzz phrase.


Operators, integrators and manufacturers of automation solutions based on industrial robots need a platform when it comes to mobile applications. Industry 4.0 requirements are playing no small part in this. There are a wide range of applications, from order picking and assembly to parts handling.


A flexible, modular design is needed to respond to the different fields of application.

The UNITR B/integrator is a mobile platform that ticks these boxes.

The mobile basis is provided by the UNITR series technology, already in use in the logistics arena.

By adding interfaces for various robotic arms, data interfaces for order transfer, safety and security systems and load handling, you have everything you need for the actual task.



The most important basic functions of the UNITR B/integrator:


• Able to navigate freely

  • Only waypoints have to be programmed. Various different tasks can be performed at each waypoint.
  • The UNITR plots its own course between waypoints and avoids obstacles

• Safe operation

  • Laser scanner
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Bumper
  • Reliable position detection

• Simple to use and install

  • Graphical user interface
  • Email, voice call, messaging features
  • Station learning mode

• Order transfer

  • ERP-system-based
  • Sensor-based
  • User-based





  • Connection of different robotic arms
  • Data interfaces for order transfer
  • Interfaces to safety and security systems
  • Energy supply system with load management
  • Possibility of adding all kinds of load handling systems





  • Onboard compressed air supply
  • Automated load changes
  • Can be used in combination with the UNITR B/8261

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